Brenda Babcock is well known for
her impeccable style and flawless
execution. She is a first class ticket
to a wedding in Italy that only a
connoisseur of beauty and fashion
can deliver.

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Wedding Planning in Italy
Brenda Babcock American Wedding Planner in Italy
Brenda Babcock

Brenda founded her company in Rome in 2005. She was one of the pioneers of wedding planning in Italy and has set the bar for others to follow ever since.

Brenda was born and raised in Minnesota, attended college in Boston and Paris before moving to NYC to begin her career in the high fashion industry where she worked for Chanel. She left at the request of Vera Wang who was embarking on her wedding dress business. There she helped to establish the company as the VP of the Retail division.

In the year 2000 Brenda took a sabbatical to travel around Italy, learn the language, and to bask in the ancient culture. Upon arriving in Rome it was love at first sight and she couldn’t bring herself to leave. She stayed and founded Italia Celebrations which she later rebranded as Brenda Babcock Celebrations. This enabled her to share her passion for all things Italy with her destination wedding couples and their guests.

Wedding in Italy

Brenda Babcock is a master mind,
adept at bridging her client’s
expectations with Italian traditions.

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We are a concierge wedding planning and design service in Italy and have been since 2005. Brenda Babcock personally plans and attends every wedding from start to finish, combining her love of design with precision planning and execution. You will never be passed off to another planner at any point.

We are experts in the many details involved in destination wedding planning in Italy. We are tireless in finding the perfect location and professional network so that your wedding celebration will be the best that it can be. There is no one better to combine Italian style with international expectations, trends, and know how.

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do you work outside of italy?

No. We live here and are experts in everything Italy with a mastery of the territory, the language, and an extensive network of contacts. I don’t believe that we could deliver our best elsewhere which would not be good enough for us.

how are the vendors selected and hired?

Since 2005 we have scoured Italy and Europe from top to bottom in constant search for the best locations and vendors. Consequently, we have assembled an extensive network of high quality vendors who offer superior value and reliability. Don’t take our word for it, you can read the reviews on the independent Wedding Wire site where every couple raves about the quality and ease of working with our recommended suppliers.

is brenda babcock celebrations a full service wedding planner?

Absolutely! We are here to be of assistance to you in anything that you need, from soup to nuts. We organize all aspects of the events in Italy and are happy to give our two cents on everything else that you may be planning back home as well. We are here for you.

is it possible to have a legal ceremony in italy?

Yes! Either your civil, Catholic or Christian symbolic ceremony con have concurrent legal recognition as long as you are willing to jump through all the hoops to get there. But it is much easier to have the legal ceremony in your home country. It’s your choice but if you do decide to have the legal ceremony here we will hold your hand throughout.

who will be my wedding planner?

Brenda personally plans, designs, and attends every wedding from start to finish to ensure that it is flawless. She is assisted by her team in both the planning and the execution during the wedding days.

do you assist us with the contract and the payments to vendors?

Absolutely! We will hold your hand throughout the entire process to negotiate the best terms and to make sure that the contract is standard within the industry. That is one of the many ways in which we steadfastly protect you.

do you offer “days of” coordination?

No, we only do full wedding planning from the selection of the venues to the execution on the days of the events.

what is your pricing structure?

Each wedding is custom designed and priced based on a number of factors specific to each wedding. We do not have packages since we work at a high level where each wedding is unique and each quote is individual.

can you help us save money on the wedding?

Smart, informed decisions reduce waste and are the most cost effective. Our experience will guide you to the best outcomes in every category. So while we are a luxury wedding planning service, no one wants to spend more than they have to for what they are receiving. Value is our mantra.

do you assist with the budgeting of the wedding?

Yes, budgeting is one aspect that Brenda takes very seriously. She considers it her job to help you set a detailed budget from the beginning and then to help you stay within it, if that is your priority.  If you are realistic from the outset, there is no reason to go over budget.

Why do I occasionally see “Italia Celebrations” in relation to your company?

Brenda founded her business as Italia Celebrations in 2005. Once she became famous for wedding planning in Italy, she rebranded in her own name.

Italian Weddings with Experienced Wedding Planner

You truly were our
fairy god-wedding planner.
With a twirl of your magic wand
you were able to turn our
dream wedding into reality.

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