This wedding was so romantic and it featured a DIY tiara station during the cocktail hour!


The guests arrived the day before the wedding and were greeted with a welcome dinner featuring all the classic Italian favorites from the region and beyond. Local cheese and salumi, antipasti, pizza, grilled meats and gelato, of course. Italian comfort food. It was a warm embrace of family and friends who had traveled from far and wide to celebrate with the couple.


Hala is Lebanese and Stefano is Roman but they live in London. The Lebanese are always so warm and stylish and arrive ready to celebrate. The wedding was celebrated over two days. It began with a casual welcome dinner BBQ in the countryside. The following day was the wedding day and it all took place at a Medieval monastery that has been converted to a hotel. And despite been converted into a hotel, the monastery has retained all of its original architecture and Catholic church in the center of it all.

The cocktail hour took place on the lawn facing the Medieval hill top town of Orvieto. We had set up a DIY tiara making station where the guests could make their own head wreaths. There were loose flowers on hand for the occasion. It was so charming and the women looked wonderful. After the cocktail hour the festivities moved on to the seated dinner area. This was under the ancient ruins of a former church. Aside from being gorgeous it was a lot. There was a 7 piece band that got everyone up and dancing late into the night.