Prior to moving to Italy and founding Brenda Babcock Celebrations, Brenda was a Vice President at Vera Wang where she helped the company grow from obscurity to become a world famous authority on everything wedding. While working at Chanel in New York City, she met Vera Wang several years before Vera started her own company. When she did, Vera Wang asked Brenda to leave Chanel to come to work for her to establish and manage her retail division which she did for eight exciting years.


Brenda has always had a love of Europe. Since childhood in Minnesota she sought out the latest Italian and French fashion magazines, dreaming one day of working in the high fashion industry and visiting those capitals of art and style. With her lifelong European dream still vivid in her mind, Brenda took a three month sabbatical from her career in New York to travel around Italy, learn the language and bask in the ancient culture. She fell in love with the country and its people and never left. She has lived in Rome since 2001.


In 2004 she started Brenda Babcock Celebrations and was among the very first wedding planners in Italy. Fluent in all things Italian, Brenda is uniquely qualified to combine the best that Italy has to offer with the current destination wedding trends, all of which emanate from the United States. She not only speaks your language, she understands your expectations. For something as important as your wedding celebration with all your family and friends in tow, what could be more important?