Brenda was interviewed by Destination Weddings Magazine as an authority on weddings in Italy. She was asked for an important tip for those contemplating a destination wedding. Her reply emphasised that when having a destination wedding where your guests are traveling a long way and sometimes at great expense it is important to take them somewhere that offers an experience that they cannot get at home. They should be rewarded for the sacrifices they have made to share in your wedding celebration.

Usually a destination wedding takes place in a location that is exotic or at least different from where the couple and families live. Take Rome, for example. With its incomparable history it is totally unlike anywhere else that you could be and your wedding celebration should take advantage of those differences. I always look for a location that can offer at least one of three things and preferably all three in one location. The location should either have a great view, an exquisite garden or be a historic palazzo or have historic ruins and artefacts. In Rome if you know where to look you can find all of the above. Or perhaps the welcome dinner takes place in a city location on a terrace with a breathtaking view over Rome, the ceremony in one of Rome’s opulent Catholic churches ornate with museum quality paintings, sculpture and architecture and the wedding reception could take place in a sprawling garden with a castle. This makes for a once in a lifetime experience for your guests that they will be gushing over for years to come. There are few things more rewarding than a destination wedding done properly, both for the couple or and for their guests. I mean how many times will you be traveling with 10, 30 or 100 people in tow? Be sure to take great care to provide a smooth, comfortable, well planned and drop dead gorgeous event.