Rome Cathedral Wedding

Lots and lots of eye candy here. Jessica and Joshua were married by a Cardinal at Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of the most important and beautiful Catholic basilicas in Christendom. Style Me Pretty called their dessert table “possibly the best dessert table of all time”.

Love in Rome

Throughout Victoria and Tony’s wedding you had to remind yourself that this was not a movie, this was real life. The bride even looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor. Click on the photo above to see the spectacular short video. No matter where you are now it will transport you back to Rome in the 1950’s, at least for three minutes. Then click the title to follow along on this glamorous ride.

Wedding in Ancient Rome

Best Rome Catholic Wedding Planner
Travel to Ancient Rome without leaving your desk! These photos are so amazing that I want to drop everything to go visit Rome and I already live there. Lucky me.

Rome Welcome Dinner

This is where the party began. On Friday, the day before the wedding, over a hundred guests poured into Rome from all over the world to celebrate the wedding of Jennifer and Joseph and they were treated to a fun, friendly and delicious welcome dinner with a magnificent view overlooking Rome.

Opulent Cathedral Wedding

Rome Catholic Church Indonesian Wedding
This wedding was quite spectacular with everything in abundance…chandeliers, flowers, musicians, candles, guests and, above all, bishops and priests! And the groom designed the flowers!