la-torre-di-bellosquardo-wedding-florence-italyThis was among our first weddings in 2006. I am proud that it stands the test of time.. 


Angela comes from an American family with a strong Italian heritage that they live daily. Both of her parents were Italian and they brought with them several old fashioned customs that I just loved. One was for the bride and groom to walk to the church from their homes. They chose hotels in central Florence where they would be able to do this. And once it was time they lead their huge bridal parties down the street following them. Another family tradition is to have all of family be part of the bridal party. All brothers, sisters, spouses and children. What a wonderful tradition.


As I said earlier, this wedding has stood the test of time. The colors, flowers and decor are current yet classic. The variety of soft pinks and greens were a precursore of the huge trend that was to follow. It is still going strong today many years later. This was the first long table that we had ever done and it was on the cusp of the trend. Ditto for the mismatched bridesmaids dresses. These bridesmaids dresses could be from today’s trends.

This wedding is an example that with spectacular venues in Italy all you need to do is to personalize the events with your style and taste. Just the right amount of flowers in the right places softens the edges of an ancient church or castle and makes everthing come alive. You don’t need to transform Italy, that is not what you are coming here for. Once we help you to find the perfect location, it just needs a little embellishment to make it your own. It’s hard to improve on an authentic Italian experience.

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