This wedding was four non-stop days of fun and merriment. And stylish dresses.

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I worked with them for 17 months to plan their wedding. Their scouting trip to Tuscany to choose the location was a cold, wintery February weekend when all the locations were closed for the winter. Nonetheless they were able to see how special Il Borro would be once the green leaves and flowers came back into bloom and they were right. The festivities kicked off with a welcome pizza party in the old village. Who knew that the groom was such a ham?! The evening drew to a close with the women serenading him from below as he egged them on from the balcony.

The second day saw a wine tour and tasting of the vineyard in the afternoon which is on site. The rehearsal dinner in the evening had a Dolce Vita theme with antique cameras as props decorating the tables. Chiara is a professional photographer and Mario is passionate about photography and video as well. After many speeches and a supper club band performing throughout the evening, the pièce de resistance was a performance by a troupe of flame throwers. It was a dramatic ending.

The wedding day was exhilarating. The ceremony was a beautiful and heartfelt Catholic ceremony in the church of the ancient village. The wedding was presided over by a Spanish priest from the Vatican who came up for the occasion. Once the ceremony finished the couple led the group down the hill to their vintage Mercedes convertible to make their getaway in style. The couple went to take photos while the guests were led to the cocktail hour in the garden. This particular garden is so dreamy and so Tuscan that one could easily lose track of time just relaxing and chatting. But the seated dinner was waiting on the terrace above. Speeches, cake cutting, champagne and then pow, fireworks! It was a spectacular display like the Italians know how to put on. Once the fireworks finished a troupe of Brazilian dancers came out to grab the guests and lead them off to the secret club space for the after dinner party and dancing where a 12 piece band flown in from London was waiting. It was a total surprise for all but the couple.

The final day was for relaxing and an afternoon pool party and BBQ. The ideal way to wind down from three event packed days.