These are the first two days of a four day extravaganza and it starts with a wine tasting and couple photo shoot. Each day and event had its own theme and energy. It was all just incredible. And you don’t want to miss these dresses…If you read down to the bottom I will reveal the designer of each dress.




Wine Tour
Chiara’s Blue and white dress: Alexis welcome dinner dress
Bracelet with blue and white dress: Chofa Gioielli

Welcome Dinner
Two piece top and graduated skirt: Sachin & Babi Noir
Mario’s attire: Alexander Nash

Rehearsal BBQ
Gorgeous blue and fucsia dress:Elie Saab
Shoes Welcome Dinner: Valentino
Groom’s Attire: Tatano

The four days of this wedding were like a fashion show. It was a beautiful and stylish group of men and women from Miami. I haven’t been to Miami yet but it made me want to hop the next plane. Not only were they stylin’, they were among the warmest and nicest people I have ever met. And happy, just happy. The way life should be.

The first three days of the wedding were a non-stop joy ride with each event more eye candy than the one before. Music and entertainment is a key to a great event as it keeps things lively and celebratory. The first night was inspired by traditional, vintage Tuscan dolce vita. You almost felt as if you were back in the 1940’s Italy. The second day saw a wine tour and tasting in the afternoon which was the opportunity for the gorgeous photo shoot above. I am crazy about the Alexis blue and white dress with pom poms. I have noticed that the Alexis line is very trendy among the young, beautiful and fashionable these days. The evening festivities were a BBQ in the pool garden. Chiara is a professional photographer and Mario dabbles in photography and vintage cameras and that was the theme for this evening. As it started to become dark the multi colored lights uplighting all the trees in the extensive garden turned to a multi colored wonderland. And if this wasn’t enough the evening drew to a close with a show of fire throwers.

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