The theme of this wedding was East meets West, the merging of two families and three cultures–America, France and Hong Kong. Tuscany was the half way point and the ever gracious host of the festivities.

I wanted to put this video front and center. It is so much fun and unlike any wedding video that you have ever seen. It completely captures the personalities of the couple and their wedding day. The password is “please” just as your mother would have taught you.

hanging flowers and vines as ceremony altar area in a rustic Tuscan squarewedding ceremony in a Tuscany villa vineyardtuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_0aTuscany-wedding-invitation-printed-paper-suite-with-blue-and-white-chinese-print-motif-mixed-with-tuscan-cypress-tress Tuscany-wedding-marmalade-jam-favors-with-a-chinese-symbol-labelTuscany-wedding-welcome-bagfather-sees-bride-for-the-first-timefather-emotional-as-he-sees-his-daughter-the-bride-for-the-first-timegroom-dressed-in-a-billiards-room-for-the-wedding-with-help-from-friendsgroom's-suit-for-wedding-with-custom-monogram-of date-and-his-nametuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_23wedding-ceremony-chairs-with-flowers-on-end-of-chairs-with-peonies-and-roses-and-greensflower-girl-with-olive-leaf-head-wreathback-side-of-wedding-dress-with-tulle-and-lacebride-with-loose-bridal-bouquet-with-olive-leaves-and-greens-and-peonies-and-rosestuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_34wedding ceremony in a rustic Tuscan piazza with draping flowers and vines and ivory fabric bride-overcome-with-emotion-at-her-tuscany-wedding-ceremonygroom-dips-the-bride-after-the-ceremony-as-he-kisses-the-bridetuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_74bride and groom exiting the ceremony from a Tuscany vineyardtuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_78 bride and groom celebrating after the ceremony in Tuscany villatuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_92vintage convertible Fiat 500 Alfa Romeo for weddings in Tuscany   wedding couple with cypress trees on Tuscan vineyardstuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_138 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_141
Both the bride and groom are outgoing, happy and fun loving people with a lot of friends and easy smiles. Their friends are the same. All four days were a movable feast starting with breakfast and moving to every corner of the sprawling estate throughout the day.

tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_142 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_146 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_148tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_158 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_162 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_164tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_165x
I searched all over to find fabric to make pillows that would complement the colors and scheme of the wedding and was so pleased to find these which matched perfectly. Hooray for small victories.

tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_166wedding green garland with candles on steps at a Tuscan vineyard  
The dinner area is a large square with gravel. The carpets defined the space adding warmth, luxury and color to the otherwise monotonous greige gravel. The flowers were absolutely, stunningly exquisite and there are many photos here of the details since they merit the attention.

burgundy-peonies-lace-runner-gold-vase-Tuscany-wedding-centerpiecetuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_208tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_212 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_216 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_218
The bride and groom made their entrance into dinner by dancing to the song “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder. The bride loves to dance and is crazy for RnB classics.

tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_228Tuscany vineyard wedding dinner with chandeliers tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_238 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_240wedding dinner with chandeliers in the trees in a Tuscan vineyard  wedding dinner reception in a Tuscan vineyardcouple dancing at their wedding at a Tuscany vineyardtuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_265 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_271 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_272 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_274
This exciting wouldn’t have been complete without fireworks and they were spectacular. After the pyrotechnics the party moved to a secret dancing area. They guests were surprised with an amazing ten piece band from London. The bride had flown over her favorite DJ from the US to make the wedding all the more festive and lively. The music blew everyone away and brought the house down. The perfect finish to such a jam packed, spectacular, no holds barred, four day wedding celebration. Tanti auguri (many good wishes) Stephanie and Attis for an equally satisfying lifetime together. Everyone should have such a great start!

tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_275open bar display at a wedding in Tuscany tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_280 wedding band in Tuscanywedding band in Tuscany villa tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_283dcroquembouche wedding cake with chocolate icing tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_284tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_288 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_290 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_292 tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_294tuscany_luxury_wedding_planner_il_borro_302