Throughout Victoria and Tony’s wedding you had to remind yourself that this was not a movie, this was real life. The bride even looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor. Click on the photo above to see the spectacular short video. No matter where you are now it will transport you back to Rome in the 1950’s, at least for three minutes. Then click the title to follow along on this glamorous ride.

rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_1 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_3 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_4 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_6 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_10 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_14 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_18 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_20 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_25 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_26 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_28
Candles, candles, candles! The bride asked us to use tons of candles and then to go back and add some more. I think we achieved this. The church was a glow with tiny points of light and lots of lush flowers.

rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_30 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_35 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_42 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_44
To make their getaway from the church the couple chose this exquisite 1960 Jaguar convertible. Being a two seater the groom would do the drive. Since he did not know Rome we had two white vintage Vespas escort them to lead the way. Not even the Pope has such a charming entourage in Rome. Crowds in Piazza del Popolo gathered around the car waiting for a glimpse and photo of the bride and groom as they came out of the church and alighted in their car.

rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_46 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_47 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_50 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_52 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_54 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_68
The couple then made their grand entrance to the castle where the reception was to be celebrated and where their guests were cooling their heels with prosecco and Roman specialty finger food. It was the perfect moment for tossing the bouquet.

rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_69 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_70 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_78 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_82 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_84 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_88 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_94
Rows of candles lead the guests from the cocktail hour to the Winter Garden where the dinner was held. The castle is owned by a Roman Count who still lives there in the upper floors. He loves having people around him and showing off his spectacular home.

Best_Italy_Destination_Wedding_Planner_ rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_112
The tables were named for the Ancient Roman gods of lore. Romolo the founder of Rome, Venere (Venus) the goddess of love, Marte the god of war, Ercole (Hercules) the god of strength among them. In addition the bride’s family crest was printed in gold on each table card and on each menu. The mood was total elegance and refinement.

Best_Italy_Destination_Wedding_Planner_1As in the church the theme here was candles, candles, candles and then add more candles! In truth a castle can never have too many candles. They were accompanied by lush floral compositions. The scene was set and all that was needed were guests to complete the celebration.

One of my favorite things about English weddings is the hats. So many beautiful, fanciful, creative hats and this was a particularly stylish group of guests.To be honest I had never entertained the idea of having a disco ball for the dancing area before. I was skeptical but the bride assured me that it would be fabulous and I came to realize what I had been missing. By the time you get to the after dinner dancing the mood should be relaxed and fun and the kaleidoscope effect produced by the colored lights and the disco ball kept the fantasy atmosphere going for the rest of the evening.

rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_158 rome_catholic_destionation_wedding_planner_166
The festivities are over but certainly never forgotten. Our bride and groom have gone on to live happily ever after.

The End.

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