Indian Hindu ceremony Tuscany luxury wedding planner
Kristen and Gaurav’s wedding in Tuscany was just featured in the uber chic blog Over the Moon. See all the gorgeous details of the Indian wedding celebration by clicking HERE, the western wedding and Italian welcome dinner by clicking HERE or the Over the Moon feature by clicking HERE.



We LOVED being a part of this Hindu Indian wedding. It was our first traditional Hindu wedding and we were amazed at how joyous and fun the celebration was. It truly was a treat for all.


While I love elegance and minimalist tones of black and beige, I am also crazy for color. Indian weddings allow me to indulge this side of my personality, giving me free reign to mix it all up into a jumble of colors and patterns. The inspiration for the dinner tables was the new Asia series of plates by the historical Richard Ginori of Florence. The series has five different colors of plates and we used all the same color plate per table. Then we matched the tablecloths to the single color of plate at each table. The floral centerpieces combined all five colors of the plates drawing it all together. So chic, so elegant, so much eye candy.


The guests were all in traditional Indian dress. The festivities began when the groom arriving on horseback. The traditional dhol drummer whipped the crowd into a frenzy by getting everyone to chant the groom’s name “Gaurav, Gaurav, Gaurav” to celebrate him and his arrival. The bride was lead into the ceremony by her father and several other escorts holding a cloth over her head.  The Hindu priest performed several of the traditional rites including incense and rice.

When the ceremony finished they celebrated  with a champagne tower. Ok that detail was western. An Indian restaurant from Florence provided the catering and it was excellent. I received compliments from mutiple Indians saying just how good and authentic it was. In accordance with Indian tradition, the families and guests entertained the couple with dancing and performances. All the traditions were finished and now it was all out party time. Even the DJ was Indian and he was able to provide both Indian and western hits to dance to.

We love integrating wedding traditions from around the world, it makes for a richer experience, in my opinion and is a treat for the guests to partake in something new. To see our “East Meets West” wedding that combines Chinese, French and California traditions in a wedding weekend in Tuscany click HERE.