The guests were treated to three full days of rollicking activities and events. Be sure to scroll down fully to see all the fun.

At 7:00 am the heartiest got up for a 5k Fun Run just like the couple and their friends do every year in San Francisco. Silly attire was de rigeur!

As a child in Brooklyn the groom loved bagels so much that he wished that they grew on trees. The bride asked us to create this surprise for him which we did and had waiting for them at the finish line. A great way to top off a fantastical morning run.   

After all the hard work in the Fun Run came the pool party. The guests lazed about on all manner of floating objects. That swan didn’t have a moment of peace. DJ Lorenzo kept things lively and there were plenty of Aperol Spritz to go around.


Fado music, the sounds of Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde, was a favorite of the couple. I was able to find a Fado band in Napoli that was excellent and set the perfect tone. The whole vibe of the evening and the signature cocktail, Porto Tonico, was inspired by the Portuguese lands as well.

The couple had taken off nine months to travel the world and these are postcards from many of their favorite places. They made for creative seating cards.

With two full days of events behind them, the scene is now set for the wedding day, see it by clicking HERE