Finding the right wedding planner and choosing the ideal location are the two most important decisions that you will make when planning a destination wedding. Since you cannot be here, don’t speak the language and don’t understand the culture, you will need someone who is not only an expert on every aspect that goes into a wedding or event in Italy yet understands your culture and expectations. You will need someone who is fanatically on your side, defending your interests with every negotiation through to the end. This is why Brenda Babcock personally plans and

attends every wedding and event from start to finish.

While famous for the elegance and style that we bring to every event, we are also perfectionists in regard to organization. All of our trains run on time. Always.
We provide expert advise on all matters and can save you money along the way by helping you to make the most intelligent and informed choices. Errors and bad decisions can be expensive to correct, particularly in the event of bad weather or unforeseen circumstances. We share your cultural references and traditions yet combine them with the best that Italy has to offer and the latest wedding trends. We guide you every step of the way to be sure that you make intelligent, informed, realistic choices so that your wedding will be everything that you imagined and so much more. We follow up and educate every vendor that we hire as to exactly what is expected for an international client.

Brenda arrived here in the year 2000 and was overwhelmed by the beauty and variety throughout Italy. She has left no stone un-turned in search of the best of everything that Italy has to offer. She has made it a personal quest to find the locations and vendors that best suit your tastes and that meet your budget priorities. Her team will work with you on every detail from welcome bags, printed materials, music and entertainment, hair and make-up, favors, fireworks, babysitters or any other requests you may have. We carefully select and coordinate each of these vendors to suit your specific needs. We know of the little extras that will make the experience all the more memorable.

No detail is overlooked and we are there on the day to follow through and manage it all so that you can celebrate with your guests who have traveled a great distance to be with you on this very special occasion. In the event that something unexpected were to happen, we are tireless and creative problem solvers. We are always and foremost your biggest advocates throughout the entire process.

On top of it all we strive to make the process fun and stress free. Over the years as you look back on your wedding celebration in Italy, the planning and anticipation of your big day should be a big part of what made it so special. This is very important to us. Stress free planning with the assurance that we’ve got you covered!

Leave all the worry to us so that you can relax and be the guest of honor at your own wedding!