tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_00Mina and Martin’s wedding was a celebration with their dearest friends and families. While the food, wine, decoration and trimmings were chosen with care, it was clear from the moment the festivities began that the emphasis was on the people gathered together.

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One of the great things about this location is that it is deep in the heart of the Chianti countryside with no one in site for miles, just the famous rolling Tuscan hills, vineyards and olive trees. The estate is an important Tuscan wine and olive oil producer and their vineyards and olive trees surround the property.

tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_8 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_9 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_10 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_11 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_11x tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_12 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_14Mina and Martin are both gentle souls. You need only spend a few minutes with them to feel their genuine warmth and interest in you as a person. As a couple they have a nice way together, very much in tune with each other. We got to know each other over two of their trips to Tuscany–the first to choose the location for the wedding weekend and the second trip the following spring for a planning and tasting trip. It was like spending time among friends.

Mina is very close to her sister who helped with her make-up and to get dressed for the wedding. She was very supportive throughout.

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The ceremony took place in a garden in one corner of the property with sweeping views all around. Mina was walked down the aisle by her father with Martin waiting up front to greet and receive them. Their symbolic ceremony was officiated by one of their family members.

tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_63 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_68 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_72 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_0tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_82 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_86 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_106 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_112 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_114 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_115 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_116 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_117 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_118 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_136 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_146 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_148 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_150 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_152 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_154
As one might expect from a proper Tuscan villa, the property was replete with lavendar, rosemary and olive branches. To make the escort seating cards we trimmed these lavendar sprigs from the bushes at the entrance of the property where they grow in abundance. The cards indicated the table number of each guest on the back side.

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The tables were decorated with assorted canning jars, vases and tealights filled with roses, peonies, astilbe, Queen Anne’s lace and olive branches. Mina liked the mix of elegant flowers like peonies mixed with wild flowers that grow naturally in the countryside. The table had a lace runner while some of the canning jars were wrapped in burlap and lace and tied with jute.

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The garden where the wedding dinner was held is landscaped beautifully and with such an amazing view of the hills and valley. When I saw the big trees I couldn’t wait to hang our chandeliers here knowing that, as the sun went down, an enchanted garden would emerge. Martin was skeptical that we needed all ten chandeliers and in the end we used twelve. I think we can all agree that we needed every single one of them. These are all vintage chandeliers that I have collected over the years and each one is different and original.

tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_178 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_180 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_184 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_192 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_196 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_198 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_204 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_214 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_216 tuscany_chianti_wedding_planner_dievole_218
The DJ created a fun atmosphere and the party and dancing lasted late into the night. What a joyous way to begin a lifetime together. Tanti auguri (many good wishes) Mina and Martin for many happy years ahead of you.

In the weeks after the wedding I received a very gracious note from Mina and Martin which you can read by clicking HERE.