For a Catholic there is no greater honor than to be married in Saint Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. For Anne and Sean it was a dream come true to be able to share their celebration with an intimate group of family and close friends.

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Anne and Sean are from Florida and met while in college. The funny thing is that Anne had found me before she had even found Sean. She and her family are devout Catholics and she knew that one day she wanted to be married in Saint Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican and had read something about me in some publication. So she tucked away the contact information and when the time came for her wedding she knew who to contact.

At Saint Peter’s Basilica you can only be married in the morning and so I highly recommend having an afternoon luncheon reception directly afterward. Everyone is disappointed to hear this at first since they had imagined having an evening wedding but once you wrap your head around the idea it is very charming. And photographs are better in the daylight, anyway. It is also an idea situation for a small wedding or low budget wedding as it is very charming but often doesn’t have an open bar or a band which both add greatly to the overall cost of a wedding.

After a moving ceremony in a cathedral as grand and ornate as Saint Peter’s it is nice to change it up and have the reception in a garden with rooftop terrace vaunting spectacular views over central Rome. This is one of my favorite locations in Rome whether for a small wedding or for a welcome dinner in the garden. It combines so many of the things that I love about a Rome experience–hill tops with great city views, lush gardens, historic buildings and fresco like painted walls with classical scenes.