Jeremiah and Junya’s wedding was epic. Three truly breathtaking and exhilarating days of fun and beauty on the Amalfi Coast.

to set the scene…it was a Catholic wedding in Ravello’s most beautiful Medieval church…

20 local, traditional musicians and Tarantella dancers with tambourines lead the guests from outside the church to Villa Cimbrone for the wedding reception…

the reception took place in Villa Cimbrone, one of the most exquisite locations on this earth…

The ancient crypt was the setting for the wedding dinner to which we added roses and greenery, hanging tea lights, a chandelier and a 14 persons pop string orchestra on a stage floating above the garden…

It was magical beyond words and we have just begun. Let’s go back to how this fairy tale day began….

The bride and I share a love of peonies and there were thousands present over the wedding weekend in a multitude of colors. They had their paper goods custom designed with raised printing with gold embossing which made them extremely refined and elegant.

the bride and groom exchanged personal notes minutes before walking down the aisle. The groom was so dapper in his morning suit and his father helps him to prepare.


The arch bishop awaits the bridal party for the wedding to begin. The ceremony featured a 12 person choir with a string quartet. Their voices filled the small church with excellent accoustics and sent a shiver up the spine of everyone in attendance. It was such a beautiful and solemn moment that I will never forget.

flower girls Catholic wedding ceremony Italy

The architecture of this ancient Medieval church is just spectacular. Spartan and essential yet harmoniously designed using Ancient marble columns. It takes my breath away every time I visit.

Just Married! let the mirth and merriment begin!

The traditional Tarantella dancers of the Naples region and folk musicians entertained the guests and got the procession from the church to Villa Cimbrone for the reception underway.

Italian traditional folk musicians wedding Tarantellagroomsmen with groom taking a selfie


The Villa Cimbrone Infinity Terrace has the most incredible view over the sea and mountains and cliffs below.

What makes Villa Cimbrone so special is that it is on top of a cliff nestled among the mountains overlooking the sea. And a rich history and Medieval structures to boot!

these are the escort card tables…too late after all the cards were taken and everyone was seated.

This is an ancient Medieval crypt where the dinner and speeches too place. There are just no words to describe how breathtaking it was.

We had a custom stage built in front of the crypt hovering over the garden to hold the orchestra. it looked like it was floating in air. This was a first for me and I was very impressed, I must say.

While the couple cut a large wedding cake the guests were served mini cakes on Versace fine porcelain plates.

This is typical Southern Italian lighting for town festivals and made a great entrance to the after dinner garden. It announced that you had moved into another realm and the fun was about to begin.

The band was a 9 piece Electro Swing Pop band from London which was specially requested by the couple. This genre was not easy to find but once we did find them we were thrilled with the results.


In the Chinese tradition the tea ceremony before a wedding is very important and this evening was both fun and heart warming.

We were so lucky. Right before the Tea Ceremony and Welcome Dinner there was a 30 minute down pour of rain. As the guests and couple arrived the sky began to clear and there was a double rainbow connecting the mountains and the sea.

The flowers were peonies in all the pink shades from blush to burgundy.


The Napolitano quintet warming up. They provided lively entertainment during the welcome dinner which was a charming transition from the solemnity of the Chinese tea ceremony into the festivities of the dinner.

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