Best Rome Catholic Wedding Planner
Travel to Ancient Rome without leaving your desk! These photos are so amazing that I want to drop everything to go visit Rome and I already live there. Lucky me.

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This wedding was published in the print magazine Inside Weddings and you can see the feature by clicking HERE. Molly and Patrick were wonderful to work with. They had a very clear idea of what they wanted and why the wanted to get married in Rome. They were married by a Cardinal who is a friend of the groom’s family and so were granted special privileges by the church which was pretty special. The basilica where they were married, Santa Sabina, is one of the oldest Catholic churches in the world and the origins date back to the year 425 A.D. It is, in fact, adorned with ancient Roman marble columns both inside and outside. An entire book has been written just about the entrance doors. If that weren’t enough it is the mother church to the Dominican religious order of priests and the Pope says Ash Wednesday mass there each year to begin Lent. After the ceremony the reception was only a short stroll on the same ancient hill to the Medieval cloister and gardens where the reception was held. The cocktail hour was in the cloister which suited it perfectly. Then as the guests were invited to dinner the doors to the garden were opened and it was as if an whole new venue had appeared. It was a total surprise as it is what the Europeans call a “secret garden” and this one has a spectacular view over Rome. Both dinner and the after dinner party were held in the garden overlooking at the view. The garden, the view, the one long table for all 70 guests were all quite stunning. I loved the color palette that Molly had chosen which was a muted light blue grey with whites complemented by touches of silver and gold here and there. Oh and the three chandeliers hanging from the three arches were a must! The moment that I saw them I knew that they were missing something and sure enough, the chandeliers were perfect! All in all an enchanting evening that felt as if it were out of a movie.