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The welcome dinner is always a wonderful, relaxed evening and the perfect way to greet the guests and to kick off the wedding festivities.

The estate is sprawling with lots of nooks and crannied for all sorts of events and every inch of the property is meticulously curated. And even when re-using the main lawn for both the movie night and then again for the wedding dinner they were completely different.

The festivities all began with the welcome dinner and movie night on the lawn. The dinner was in the “Tree House” restaurant and was the perfect place for the guests to meet and greet in a convivial atmosphere. Since it was the day of arrival the guests dropped in little by little as they checked in, dropped off their luggage and joined the party already underway. The bride is part English and wanted pitchers of Pimm’s served throughout the evening which set the right summery tone. The dinner buffet had an amazing assortment of delicious and varied offerings which you can see a little in the photos. The villa has a Michelin star chef and the food for every occasion was truly delicious.

After the dinner the guests moved to the main lawn that we had transformed into an alfresco cinema with lots of oversized blankets and pillows on the ground for the guests to lie on. A popcorn machine served up truffle popcorn with pecorino cheese and rosemary and guests helped themselves to bowls of popcorn. There was also a gelato cart with four flavors of gelato with sprinkles, whipped cream and all the trimmings. First the evening began with a slide show made by a friend for the couple with photos of the couple throughout the years leading up to this day. And as for the film, well naturally it was Wedding Crashers, just to stay in theme. It is a fun film and set the right mood for the festivities. By the end of the evening everyone was ready for the big day ahead the following day. Most guests stayed onsite and could just slip away to their rooms as they were ready to retire from the party which was ideal.